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Working From Home – A guide for estate and letting agents

Charlotte Jeffrey Campbell, Director of the Able Agent, talks through some practical ideas for negotiators who are working from home.

Charlotte’s top tips include:

  • Do the things that you would normally do – even if they take longer!
  • Make the most of the time you would normally spend commuting to work
  • Start work at the same time as you would normally
  • Plan your day and create a clear to do list of responsibilities
  • Ensure your family and housemates understand your boundaries and requirements for work
  • Be open and honest about the fact that you are working from home
  • Set clear work hours, to ensure you do not work to little or too much
  • Dress the part
  • Make use of available technology to support your set up
  • Create a dedicated work space – don’t work from your bed, no matter how tempting
  • Ensure you maintain company security of data – at minimum, don’t share passwords, don’t leave your computer unlocked, and be aware of scam emails
  • Create a rota for inbound calls to free up time
  • Get to know your current vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants, and keep them up to date in a time of uncertainty. Consider their individual situation and offer relevant advice and guidance and any help
  • Consider capability to offer virtual viewings, or put viewings in place with contingency of hand washing and / or no contact
  • Maintain a position of local expert: remember that what is happening in the national market may differ from what is happening in your local market
  • Use time to keep movers thinking about their move
  • If you are carrying on with BAU, give clients confidence to continue
  • If you are delaying a move, diarise updates to keep in contact with your client
  • Ensure you have access to all file notes – if you use paper, ensure you have scanned documents within your CRM
  • Prepare vendors to continue to be proactive with their current sale, but manage their expectations
  • Be proactive with your database: become familiar with the reporting system within your CRM
  • Keep in touch with clients and colleagues
  • Make the most of being at home
  • Assess at the end of the day what you have achieved, to ensure you continue to measure productivity

The Able Agent are providers of online learning and qualification for estate and lettings agents, supporting both new starters as well as developing existing staff and helping Agents prepare for RoPA.

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