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Top tips for using mio

Want to make effective sales progression simple? Look no further than mio. 

Whether you’re brand new to the platform or have had it for a little while, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips on how you can improve your day to day with mio. Check out our 10 key steps to becoming a mio super user:

  1. Log in to mio daily – consistency is key!
  2. Use the milestone notifications to tell you where to spend your time and attention – Let mio do the brainwork for you.
  3. Invite all your customers to the mio app (whether you think they will embrace it or not – give them the option). You may be surprised how many use it.
  4. Allocate all property files to whoever is progressing the sale – it will make it easier to drill down into a singular users pipeline
  5. Keep an eye on your messaging notifications for communication from your customers – many customers will use the app to message out of hours.
  6. Qualify all your chains at BOTH ends.  An open chain is a risk to your pipeline!
  7. Forward the dates of any milestones that are due but you are unable to complete.  Let mio be you diary reminder – it’ll notify you on the day a milestone is due
  8. Enter key information such as sale agreed price and fee into the summary tab – this will allow branch managers to manage and keep an eye on the branch income forecast
  9. Keep all of your notes in the mio platform to ensure you have a complete audit trail – no more paper files!
  10. and remember to export these notes upon completion

Here’s what mio agents have to say:

“It would be easy to see mio as ‘just another cost to the business’, but the value for money is fantastic. It has made my life so much easier, and makes for a cost-effective and more productive use of my time’. – Carl Hemming, Ginger Estate Agents

“mio has given us more of a regimented approach to sales progression because we know exactly what’s next without having to spend time reading through notes on a property or file, so our processes are a lot more efficient.” – Jordan Bryant, Sam Chivers Estate Agents

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