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5 tips for effective sales progression training

Teaching your new starters on the ins and outs of sales progression can be a challenging and drawn-out process, not to mention expensive if you opt to outsource your sales progression training or pay for a dedicated course. Here we share our top tips on the most effective and time efficient method for getting your new starters up to speed:

1. Ensure that there’s one process for everyone

Avoid confusion and complications by ensuring everyone in the team is following the same process for sales progression before you teach it to a new employee. This helps to ensure consistency and means that no matter who trains your new starter, the outcome will be the same. 

mio is a useful tool for this as it provides easy-to-follow milestones for each key stage in the process. Encourage your new starter to take time familiarising themselves with the milestones and the chain view so they can begin to understand the sales progression process. 

2. Set out clear responsibilities and actions for your new starters

Like anything, sometimes the best way to learn about sales progression is to get stuck in so let your new starters get hands on. Ensure that they are set up on mio from the get-go with their own logins so they have full visibility over what’s happening across each transaction and assigned tasks for that day. That way, they can see exactly what they need to do and who to chase. This helps to get your new starters into the swing of things and keeps momentum for your homemovers, resulting in shorter transaction times and happier buyers and sellers. 

3. Encourage good habits early on 

It’s easy for new starters to pick up bad habits early on such as forgetting to follow up with their buyers and sellers or taking paper notes and subsequently losing them. Encouraging good habits from the get go, such as storing notes digitally and putting aside time for sales progression on a daily basis can help to ensure that it becomes ingrained. 

Make sure your new starter logs all call notes and updates within the mio platform so you have a full digital paper trail and visibility over each sale they’re working on. 

4. Promote a positive attitude to sales progression

Investing in technology that makes your agents’ lives easier is essential for ensuring that sales progression is viewed as a rewarding and beneficial task, instead of a chore. Give your new starters the tools they need to excel at sales progression and grow their confidence as an agent. 

mio helps to instill a positive attitude to sales progression in your new starters, encouraging them to work more proactively and collaboratively on behalf of their buyers and sellers. 

5. Make the most of free resources and support

If your new starter is brand new to sales progression and how it works, be sure to point them in the direction of useful resources and tips that can get them up to speed. Below we’ve compiled a list of our useful free training resources for new starters:

We know that onboarding new starters can sometimes be stressful which is why our customer support team is on-hand to answer all your questions about the platform and onboard your new team members. We’ll make sure they’re happy and confident using mio so they can get started without delay. 

Here’s what our clients have to say about mio as a sales progression training tool:

“When we’ve got new starters in branch who are new to sales progression, mio makes it easy for them to see what’s next to do in the process and acts as a useful prompt for them. We find that one of the most useful features of the whole platform”

– Elle Maher, Sales Negotiator at William H Brown in Dinnington

“It’s been really good for our new starter on the training side of things and teaching them the sales progression process with the milestones.”

Samantha Hinch, Branch Manager at Blundells in Crystal Peaks

“We have an apprentice who uses it and she understands sales progression because of mio. She can look on mio to see every stage of the process, read what’s happening and look at the flowchart to see what’s happening next. It’s really helped with her learning and been a really useful training tool for us because it’s so clear and easy to understand. –

Lucy Luxton Branch Manager at Fox and Sons, Tiverton 

If you need help convincing your team of the benefits of undergoing additional training, check out our guide to getting the most out of training here.

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