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mio helps to keep Miller Countrywide, Wadebridge connected with their buyers and sellers and streamline their sales progression process.

We caught up with Daniel Dearling, Sales Negotiator at Miller Countrywide, Wadebridge to find out more about the impact mio has had on their business.

The sales progression process before starting mio was far more clunky. The level of detail that can be added to Reapit is fairly limited other than scrolling through notes and the milestones are far more spread apart.

mio is a clean and smart system to use and is great that other parties can update aspects as well, this is great when CCS is involved in the case.

I really enjoy that you can clearly see the whole chain and you are able to edit these to keep a much closer eye on how the whole chain is progressing.

During the pandemic mio has helped keep us connected with buyers and sellers and they can keep a close eye on what is happening with their case without the need to call in while things are very busy in branch.

Overall I think it is a very useful tool that helps keep track of everything in a user friendly way. It can be updated by multiple parties to ensure everything is up to date and all the information we pass out is as accurate as it can be.

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