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Stand Out From the Crowd at Valuations

With widespread reports of a shortage of new stock coming to market, here’s a few tips on how you can make your branch stand out from the crowd at valuations.

The first step to standing out is often an agent’s personality. In fact, almost 50% of home movers selected their Estate Agent because they liked them. So, it is important to make a good impression.

  • Remember that some people will still be nervous about letting people into their homes so if you use virtual viewings, highlight it at the initial meeting to put their mind at ease. 
  • If you’re running late, call the vendor to let them know.  It happens to us all but it’s how you manage it that makes the difference.  
  • Ask questions to try and start building a relationship with the vendor. If you’re struggling to make conversation, take your cue from a picture or a book or even the family pet.

Another important factor in customer decision making is trust. Below are some examples you can use to show vendors your experience, authority, and reliability in your local market.

  • Draw attention to all the great reviews on your website. We all say we’re great, but reviews are proof that you really are.
  • Highlight similar properties that you’ve recently sold in the area.

Anything that you can do to evidence your experience will also be appreciated. Customers will be responsive to any solid data that you can show them to prove your claims.

  • Show the vendor any data you have that evidences how many buyers you have that are looking for a property just like their property.
  • Use data to evidence how quickly you can get properties from SSTC to Exchange. The national average, now, will be around 140 days so if you’re doing better than that, say so and explain how you do it. The mio dashboard is a great source of information on your SSTC to Exchange timelines. 
  • If you’re repeatedly securing above offer asking prices, show the vendor the data that proves it.  Using data will help reassure sceptical vendors who may already have heard the same thing from lots of other agents. 

The market is competitive. Anything that you do as an agency to go the extra mile will help customers to see that you are the best choice in the area.

  • Mention any additional services you offer that might help the vendor and could speed up the process. 
  • If you’re a mio enabled agent, show the vendor the mio app and explain how you use it to keep sales on track and sellers updated. It’s also worth showing them how buyers can use it to contact their agent and track progress.
  • Remember to highlight the mio in-app chat messaging and explain how it speeds up communication.

While the customer may be focused on price and immediate pay off, do everything you can to draw attention to your agency’s commitment to sales progression, follow up and follow through.

  • Explain how their instruction will be managed. If you have a dedicated sales progression team or colleagues who’ve won awards and/or have years of experience, highlight it. Selling a house is a team effort!
  • If you promise to provide the vendor with further information after the valuation or they asked questions that you need to respond to, follow up as quickly as possible. It will help to demonstrate your commitment to offering a great service.  

Remember not every agent can offer the benefits of mio right now. It’s the simple way to make your branch stand out from the competition.

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