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mio partners peter alan

“mio is easy to use and straightforward, giving us visibility across our regions and helping with our forecasting. I find the reporting tools particularly useful for understanding what is happening across the business.

My teams have adapted well to working with mio and are using it daily to see their milestones and look at what they need to chase. All of our branches are also benefiting from being able to make notes against their properties and use the shared view to keep the wider team updated.

I’m also finding that mio is helping us to give more of our new employees progression responsibilities earlier on.”

Jayne Morris, Area Director, Peter Alan

“mio has proven to be a useful tool for winning instructions, as well as keeping milestones updated and progress levels high. My team were very receptive to the introduction of mio and feel comfortable using it to add and update any notes against a property, which are then conveniently visible across the business.

mio has also been very useful on a day-to-day basis for progressing property transactions, as we can easily see where information is missing or milestones need to be updated – and pick up the phone immediately to the right person.

Overall, mio has helped to tighten our business processes and reduce the time it takes for a sale to go through. It makes sales progression a lot easier for us.”

Rachel Jones, Senior Sales Manager, Peter Alan

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