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mio partners allen and harris

“mio is an amazing tool, and my team are finding it useful. If I’d have had it in 2006 when I was managing my own branches, it would have really helped me progress my sales. It also wouldn’t have taken me hours to do anything – and I wouldn’t have had so many grey hairs.

I use mio differently to the branch managers, but I love it. I use it to prepare the monthly exchange forecast for our panel lawyers, from Cardiff through to Oxford, as part of my reporting on properties ready to exchange.

I’ve always loved using my paper systems, but I have found it very easy to move over the mio. I can just pull the app up on my iPad and leave it open beside my laptop all day. I then find it a lot quicker to bring up reports, and determine which branches I need to be having conversations with that day to help keep things moving forward. I also think it makes it easier to share information with solicitors.”

Nicola Brown, New Homes & Area Co-ordinator, Allen & Harris

“I really like the mio app and think it’s brilliant. My sellers also like the idea that they can access an update at any time of the day.

It’s really helpful, especially for clarification and transparency with homemovers. To find out how it’s going with the sale, we simply go and look on mio – and as the seller can see it too, it takes away the need to make that phone call for either me or our client.

The dashboard page flags up any properties that are falling behind on their milestones, it is sometimes so easy to get tied up with that troublesome sale while missing key points on the easier less troublesome ones.

It is also a lot more user friendly than other systems I have used, particularly the chain details page.”

Jamie Wallace, Sales Negotiator, Allen and Harris (Bristol)

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