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mio saves time, reduces calls and is ‘a game changer’ for Woodhead & Co.

We caught up with Tony Brigden, Branch Manager at Woodhead and Co, Wellingborough to find out what they like best about mio!

“Being an old school agent I always liked pen and paper for sales progression and was very sceptical when initially introduced to mio but to my amazement, the clarity and ease of use was amazing. mio saved me so much time, I can see what milestones are reached, omitted, or still outstanding at a glance.

With the rest of the team having access, keeping clients and customers updated even when I am out of the office is great, the team can just update on the last milestone reached and the relevant notes to the next chase date.

As a result I don’t have an endless list of people to call back when I return from appointments. The interface for the vendors and buyers that allows them to complete the milestones themselves is also a great feature.

I haven’t needed the support often but when I have the team at mio are quick to answer and resolve any issue or query. I certainly would be at a loss now without mio now. It certainly was a game changer for me.”

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