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mio saves time and makes remote working easy for Dixons Estate Agents, Kings Norton

We spoke to Dale Williams, Branch Manager at Dixons Estate Agents, Kings Norton to find out what impact mio has had on him and his team.

“The systems we were using before mio were really quite old so it was really nice to introduce something that’s a little more up to date and easier to use.

It’s so nice to have all the notes organised within mio because it means that if someone calls up for an update, I can see exactly what happened when without having to scroll through; it’s much quicker.

I really like the milestones, they’re really nice and clear and it helps to make things more simple. The consumer app is also really useful for our clients as something to go back to and have as a record of how things have progressed so far.

One of my favourite features is the notifications, which are great because it shows you exactly what needs to be done. It was particularly useful when I was recently off sick unexpectedly; I didn’t have my diary to hand but everything was in mio which meant I could still work remotely.

Overall, mio has helped to make sales progression easier because it stops anything from slipping through the net. Everything is there in front of you, which means you’re less likely to forget things.

I would definitely recommend mio. I like the tool as it is, but I hope more agents in our area  join mio because then we’ll be able to use the chain feature much more, which will make mio an even better tool”. 

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