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mio revolutionises sales progression and improves overall service levels for Dwell, Leeds

We caught up with John Graham, Director of Dwell, Leeds to find out how mio has most improved their sales progression.

“One of our biggest frustrations of late has been lines of communication with solicitors, particularly over the past 9 months as housing transactions have increased significantly increasing the burden on conveyancing teams. Spending your day chasing for updates is no one’s idea of fun. It seemed to us that technology had to improve so that estate agents and conveyancers could communicate between themselves better. It was then a breath of fresh air to see that mio had been working on this solution.

We’ve been using mio for a month and already it’s revolutionised our sales progression. The interface is intuitive, and quick and easy to use. It gives great visibility on chains with milestones on each step to easily keep track of.

The ability to integrate with solicitors and other agents is a great innovation and a real leap forward. The platform makes the process easier and quicker, improving service levels all round.

We highly recommend it for estate agents and conveyancers alike!”

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