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mio helps with training new starters and keeping track of tasks for William H Brown, Dinnington

We caught up with Elle Maher, Sales Negotiator at William H Brown in Dinnington, Sheffield about her experience using mio.

“Before mio, we worked from paper files or put notes on our MatchMaker system, but we’d never used a tool specifically for sales progression.

We all found it really easy to get to grips with because the layout of it is really good and the milestones included within mio are the milestones you can ask the solicitors about. 

My favourite feature of the platform is the milestones. When we’ve got new starters in branch who are new to sales progression, mio makes it easy for them to see what’s next to do in the process and acts as a useful prompt for them. We find that one of the most useful features of the whole platform.

It’s so much easier to write our notes straight into mio otherwise you’re swapping between computer and paper all day which can get quite confusing and messy, and paper can get lost. With mio, everything is in one place and everyone can access it, so we don’t have to ask around to find who has a specific file.

We had to isolate recently and when we were working remotely, we could access everything from home with mio. It wasn’t like one person had got the paper file and they had to deal with it all, we could all log on and do our own individual thing on it.

mio helps us to remember to do things and chase things up because we can forward diary different milestones so when we log on in the morning we can see the milestones that are outstanding. It’s all set out in your diary for you, so you don’t get confused with which milestones you need to be chasing up.

Other agents should take a look at mio because then we can cross reference with other agents and all work together to keep sales on track. I would highly recommend it to any agent!”

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