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mio helps to simplify sales chasing and manage buyer and sellers’ expectations for Your Move, Hinckley

We caught up with Zoe Snell, Sales and Lettings Consultant at Your Move, Hinckley to find out what impact mio has had on their business.

“Sales chasing can be very long, especially if you’ve got a lot of chains. We knew other agents in the town were using mio so it seemed like a good system to bring in to make sales chasing a bit easier for us all.

I like that the milestones have timescales and I really like the fact that you have the messages on there. I don’t personally use the messaging feature too much because I like over the phone communication, but it is definitely a useful feature to have.

One of the main problems that mio helps us to solve is with timescales. Some buyers who aren’t as familiar with the process, like first time buyers for example, tend to expect everything to be done imminently – so mio helps to manage their expectations. Because the timescales are there within mio, they’re not calling you or chasing you; they can just go on the mio app and see what’s next. We like that it gives them a step-by-step guide as opposed to us having to continually talk through the next step and the next etc, so it really does help with that.

Having the milestones in mio definitely helps with sales progression and you can add individual notes to them, which we couldn’t do before mio. Also, having the shared chain view with other agents is a really good feature, because it means you can see exactly where it’s got to, instead of having to read through all the notes. It means that everyone is aware of what’s going on and we get less chasers because other agents can see exactly where we’re at.

With sales chasing, it tends to be that you’re just calling other agents for an update and if they haven’t got one, 9 times out of 10 you probably won’t get a call back, but with mio it’s really nice to have that communication and relationship with other agents.

It’s definitely beneficial to have software that’s dedicated to sales progression. As soon as you go on mio, it has all the notifications there, so you know exactly what you need to chase that day and you’re not having to rely on your memory. mio makes it so much easier when you’ve got long chains, especially when there are other agents that are also using it nearby. It’s just so organised and it’s the little things you can do like pin an important message that make such a difference. I would definitely recommend mio!”

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