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mio helps to make sales progression more streamlined and organised for Connells, Blandford Forum

We spoke to Kelly Howe, Residential Sales Manager at Connells Blandford Forum about what she finds most useful about mio.

“I was interested in utilising mio from attending one of Connells’ training bites. The idea of having everything on the same system and having all the chain information in one place, in an easy to read format, sounded a great idea. I was able to get to grips with the platform quickly, and now I’ve been using it for quite some time, I find the tool very useful and accessing the information I need is really easy.

mio has lots of helpful features. I really like the note system, the search bar is great because you can type in a couple of the letters of the property and the property is listed in a drop down for you to click on. I also like the notifications. If I set a notification on a property, it will remind me that I need to look at a certain file, which is really useful, especially if you’re a busy branch with lots of sales progression files.

I find the instant messaging feature works particularly well for buyers or vendors who are busy and work long hours. If I’m unable to reach someone on the telephone that day, if they log in to mio later that evening when the office is closed, they can see the latest milestone update, so they know what is happing within the sale/purchase.

I also like the milestone feature because when the searches are back, for example, I can then tick the relevant milestone box, and I then know what the next milestone we need to reach is. The buyers and sellers can see that a milestone has been reached, which is really useful. Having the milestones there for buyers and sellers to see, means they don’t have to call up multiple times a day to see what progress is happening, they can view it all within the consumer app.

I keep all my notes updated in mio, so if I’m off it means that another member of staff can give the client the very latest update rather than getting flustered and having to call different solicitors/agents to find out the correct answers.

I would definitely recommend mio to other agents because it really does help you to be organised and proactive with your day plan, so you know exactly what you need to do each morning instead of looking through hundreds of pieces of paper. You can set yourself reminders of which files you need to chase. It’s paperless as well which is great because we’re saving trees; before mio, everything we did was handwritten.”

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