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mio helps to keep sales progression on track for Palmer Snell and Austin & Wyatt

We spoke to Kerry Egan, Senior Sales Progressor for Palmer Snell and Austin & Wyatt in the Bournemouth area about her experience of using mio and her favourite features of the platform.

I’ve been using mio since it was rolled out and I really like it.

I think the best thing about mio is the milestones. You only need to have a quick glance to see when things have been done and it also makes the process a lot simpler to understand for the buyers and sellers. I love the chain view too, because it’s so easy to find everything in there.

mio has helped with sales progression because it alerts me to things that I may otherwise miss and helps me keep track of what was meant to happen when. For example, when I call a solicitor to check whether the searches are back, I can see within mio exactly when they were applied for so it’s obvious when there’s been a hold up. Having clear dates and deadlines on milestones means everyone in the chain has to be more accountable.

mio also provides helpful prompts on everything I need to chase when I’m calling someone, which is great because it means I don’t forget anything and have to call back.

I would definitely recommend mio to other agents!

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