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mio helps to keep agents on track and get transactions through quicker for Wainwright Estate Agents

Paul Sanders is Sales Manager at Wainwright Estate Agents in Saltash, Cornwall and has been working in the property sector for over 15 years. Paul shares with us how mio has helped him and his team stay organised, work efficiently and get transactions through in the shortest amount of time…

mio has everything it needs to get agents through the sales process

“As estate agents, our job is to get any sale through as quickly as we can and mio has definitely helped with that. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

We find that mio makes life easier due to the centralised nature of it; everything is in one place and it is really easy to navigate. From vendors, to buyers, to lawyers, we can easily get in contact through mio and keep everyone updated across the chain. I must say the milestones are a good bonus as well.

Also, mio makes for a great tool for less experienced agents who may not know the whole process yet, as they have access to a full view of each step and can see what comes next.”

Improve sales progression and put 100% into every sale

It is not uncommon for estate agents to neglect sales progression because they think selling properties is their only job. Agents aren’t keen on admin and sales chasing is more of an admin task which they like to ignore or leave to the lawyers. This attitude can potentially lead to sales lost due to lack of communication and unforeseen issues. However, if agents can keep on top of the process and chase everyone regularly, they can take control of sales and be on top of their game.

Personally, I find that mio keeps me on track and makes it easier not to get sidetracked. I can clearly see what is expected of me every day, I can tick everything off and work at full efficiency. I get a reminder to chase things and get things done. I can just look at a screen and know where I am with each sale; without a prompt I could forget about tasks. At the end of the day, agents want to make sales and get paid, and they’ll only get paid once a sale has gone through so they need to get the job done. Relying on memory alone can mean missing out on important things which can be detrimental to a sale.

A common practice among agents is to set aside a day or an afternoon a week to chase clients and conveyancers but this is quite inefficient. Checking mio on a daily basis gets the process moving a lot more quickly.”

mio is a hit with everyone – agents, buyers and vendors

“Adopting the app was seamless and our local mio representative made the onboarding process straightforward for the whole team. Even agents who have a regime and are more set in their ways got the hang of it and have started using it regularly!

The team finds that mio saves them time as they can easily send out messages on the app and make less calls so they have plenty of time to get on with other important tasks.”

Technology modernises and moves businesses forward

“I think technology in the property sector is a good thing and plays a key role in how a business moves forward, as it is helpful not only for agents but buyers and sellers too. 

Previously, agents did not always update clients or chose to hide news but, nowadays, businesses need to act in real-time and be transparent with their customers. With mio, agents can show they are being transparent with clients which is crucial when creating a personal experience and providing great customer service.”

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