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mio helps to improve collaboration between colleagues and save time for Connells, Wolverhampton

We recently caught up with Sales Progression Managers Emma Vickers and Jaqueline Witton from Connells Wolverhampton to find out how mio has helped their business.

Emma Vickers – Sales Progression Manager

“Our mio account manager came to the office and showed us how it worked. We found it easy to follow and quite self-explanatory so we were able to get up and running on it quickly.  mio is easy to use and we’ve had no problems with it.

Typing notes straight into mio is much easier to read than handwritten ones and the option to copy and paste an email into the notes saves time. It’s also great to have all the history there in one place for everyone to read. I really like the fact that it’s all online so I can read my colleague’s notes and she can read mine, so it’s just easier to know what’s going on.

mio helps us make sure we’re keeping everyone updated and keeping everything moving. If I’m not working, my colleague Jackie can see where I am, and if she’s on holiday I can see exactly where she is on different sales.

Having access to all the properties has really helped with working from home because it’s all there within mio, so we can carry on as normal.

Other agents should get on mio because it would help to stop all the calls; they could just look at mio instead to see what’s happening on each chain, which would save everyone time!”

Jacqueline Witton – Sales Progression Manager

“We found mio very simple to use from the start and we’ve adapted well to it. It’s great having everything in one place and it’s easier to keep on top of than paper notes.

As my colleague Emma works part time, keeping notes in mio makes communication much easier and quicker than trying to write everything out manually. When Emma is off, it’s easy for me to go in and check her notes. All you have to do is click the address and all the information you need is there.

mio helps us both keep on top of progress because when you have two people chasing contracts from one office, ticking off the milestones makes it easy to see where each sale is up to.

Other agents should take notice of mio because it would save them and us a lot of time and phone calls – they could just look on mio to see where we are, rather than calling up.”

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