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mio helps to improve time management and efficiency for Sam Chivers Estate Agents

We caught up with Jordan Bryant, Sales Progression Manager at Sam Chivers Estate Agents to find out what impact mio has had on their business.

mio has really helped us to be more proactive and thorough in our approach

mio has made us more proactive and thorough because your to-do list is there to tell you everything you need to do that day and nothing gets missed. It’s given us more of a regimented approach to sales progression because we know exactly what’s next without having to spend time reading through notes on a property or file, so our processes are a lot more efficient.

We have around 130/140 sold properties and remembering all of them without the milestones or the prompts is very difficult, so having them there has been a huge help. The way it’s all presented with the milestone updates and the chain feature is also really helpful when talking to the other agents.

mio has significantly improved our time management

With mio, we can manage our time a lot better and it allows us to feel on top of everything, despite being very very busy! When you go through your to-do list, you know exactly what you’ve got to deal with before you leave for the day.

A few other agents in our area are also using mio which is great because when I add my chain details into the platform and another agent has already added theirs, it syncs up automatically, meaning I don’t have to add each property and estate agent manually, which saves a lot of time.

With the consumer app, every time we click a milestone our buyers and sellers get the update, and when we direct message them, they get it straight away, so time management on that has been really great.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from other property professionals, and our clients love it, too

We’ve had some excellent feedback from other property professionals, particularly from the main solicitor we work with. Due to Covid, they have to add new ‘Rider’ clauses into contracts and need to see the whole chain to do so. Instead of us having to type it all out, we’re able to send them screenshots of the entire chain, which they think is great!

Our buyers and sellers that use the mio app have said they enjoy using it and are really impressed with the instant messaging feature.

mio has had a really positive impact on our business

Since using mio, transaction times have come down, clients are happier, buyers are happier and cash through the pipeline comes through quicker, so I would say it’s had a really positive impact!

I’ve used a couple of different estate agent tools in the past, but for sales progression mio is the best. I would have no hesitation in recommending mio to other agents.

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