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mio helps Fox and Sons, Waterlooville to stay focused, keep momentum and train new starters.

We recently caught up with Olivia Ware, Sales Negotiator at Fox and Sons, Waterlooville to learn more about their experience using mio.

“We got the option to have training on mio so I decided to do it. I was quite amazed at how easy it is to use and how quick it is to go and find information. We tried out loads of different things with it and found that it works really well for us and what we need it to do.

With mio, it’s so much easier now, especially if someone is off and their client calls for an update, we can just go into mio and find out what’s happening for them. It’s really nice and easy. I like that you have the option not just to look at your own sales but also help out on other people’s as well.

We were mainly using Matchmaker before and adding notes to the property files online to make sure we had everything we needed on there but it gets done for you on mio, which is a lot easier.

There’s three of us using mio in branch and we have just got a new starter, so it’s been helpful having mio there to show him the process and how we do sales progression. We know that with mio they’re in good hands and aren’t going to get anything wrong or get stuck because they can’t do something!

My favourite feature of the platform is the chain view because it’s easy for me to look at and you can see exactly what’s going on and who is involved, estate agents, solicitors etc.

mio helps us keep momentum in branch, especially if people have set days off during the week. It means we can keep track of other people’s sales and help their clients with updates if needed.

I would say that mio has made me much more focused on sales progression. There’s always alerts and notifications that pop up that help me make sure I am on top of everything. It means that if someone does call for an update, I have the most up to date information ready for them. It just helps me be that little bit more organised, which is great.

Other agents should get on mio because it helps not just with your sale, but others in the chain. If your part of the chain is ready but two people further down the chain aren’t, you can find out exactly who that solicitor or estate agent is and call them just to see what’s going on. It makes it easier for everyone in the chain to have visibility over the rest of it.”

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