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mio helps Connells, Coventry to progress sales every day and keeps on top of tasks

We recently caught up with Sarah Howells, Branch Manager at Connells, Coventry to learn about the difference mio has made to their business.

“We’re quite a busy agent, so being able to log in everyday and having the reminders there for your sales chasing and the milestones to tick off really helps us out a lot. Sales chasing is quite challenging, especially if you’re not sure what you’re waiting for or what you need to ask for next, so the prompts are really useful – especially for our new starters.

mio has helped to improve our sales progression massively because sales chasing can be hit and miss – but mio helps us do it every day. It keeps us on top of everything so we don’t miss a file.

We’ve got loads on, so without mio, I’m sure some files would get accidentally left for a few days or a week, but mio stops that from happening with prompts every day. We’re doing sales chasing every day now without even noticing. By the end of the day, all the tasks are ticked off and then tomorrow is a new day!

My favourite feature is the milestones. Each morning I can click on the milestones, know which ones are mine, see what I need to do and update them. When I come into the office, everyone has it on, working through their milestones and tasks; it keeps everybody on their toes. Inviting vendors and buyers is great too, because it keeps them updated.

The best thing will be when loads of other agents are on mio with everyone interacting on the system; it’ll make things so much easier. When I’m selling a property and the other agents in the chain are on mio and adding updates, it works like a dream!

If everyone was using the same system there would be so many less calls into branch, so much less chasing, you could just login every morning and check their notes to see what’s going on. Having other agents’ chain details in mio helps so much.

I would definitely recommend mio, 100%!”

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