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mio helps Blundells, Crystal Peaks to win more listings and put their homemovers at ease.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Leanne Reynolds, Senior Valuer at Blundells, Crystal Peaks about what she likes most about mio!

“Having mio is a great advantage for us as a tool for winning instructions. At the moment with the exceptionally buoyant market we are experiencing, it can be difficult to get hold of solicitors over the telephone, especially due to the stamp duty holiday. Having the regular updates from the members of staff and the solicitors coming through to the app is a massive advantage and people feel that they are being kept in the loop every step of the way and communication is key…

If clients are technology-minded and download the app, it’s a fantastic benefit, for both us and them. I’m finding that people are really getting on board with mio, especially because the literature provided backs up all the information showing in detail how it works and explains how we work in conjunction with it when the sale is agreed. It’s been a real instruction-winner for me!

When I attend a valuation, I build rapport, get to know the client and their requirements. Then when I’m talking to the vendor about Blundells services, discussing our entire marketing process and how we take the property through to completion. As part of this, I’ll explain that we have a fantastic progression tool that allows our staff to get regular updates and see what’s happening. They can chase, request documents and see what’s outstanding all within mio. It means that things don’t just get left; we’re moving things forward all the time.

Everyone that’s used the app really likes it because they know exactly where the progression of their sale/purchase is at. We’re using this to our advantage by explaining to our customers that although some conveyancing lead times are taking a little longer due to a busy market, we’ve moved forward with technology, (that not everyone has got!), that means they can still stay updated via the app without the hassle of chasing a conveyancing lawyer over the telephone or by email. We explain that if they’re at work/busy all day they can simply look at their phone in the evening and check out any alerts. I think it really helps people we are dealing with feel a little more at ease and relieves a lot of stress and anxiety from a move.”

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