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mio helps Bairstow Eves, Southgate save time, work more logically and stay organised

We recently caught up with Holly McCarthy, Senior Branch Manager at Bairstow Eves, Southgate, London to find out how mio has positively impacted their business.

“My first impressions of mio were really good. I liked the idea of having everything in one place and being able to see the solicitors’ phone numbers and the buyer’s and seller’s phone numbers all on one page. I like having it all available in one platform without having to click backwards and forwards; it’s really good.

The new dashboard layout is much easier to use than the old one. I really like the addition of the main information page with all the price agreed and everything there – those changes have been great.

My favourite thing about mio is being able to input information about what’s happening in the rest of the chain in a logical place. In the systems we’ve used before, it’s a case of reading through all the notes, which isn’t as easy to see what’s happening with the property above and property below; it’s much easier to do that in mio.

The vendors and buyers that I have invited to the app seem to use it a lot, in fact, one of them recently pulled me up on ticking a box late! But it’s great that they’re using it to get messages through and are checking for updates.

Having everything there in front of you in a logical layout in an easy-to-access format has been a real time saver. I can set myself a couple of hours to sales chase and do it all within mio, I don’t have to go backwards and forwards to different places. I can also leave all the notes I need in there, which I think is really helpful.

mio helps me to stay more up to date, particularly because there are some sales that I end up not having to chase at all because it’s updated on mio via the solicitor. Where I would usually have to rely on it being updated in the solicitor’s system before I could get an update, now I can see straight away when it’s updated and know it’s done – that’s been really helpful and time saving.

I would definitely recommend mio to other agents. The more agents we have on there, the easier it is to run. It’s one of those things where if we’re all singing off the same hymn sheet with the same system, then everything will run a lot more smoothly. It would mean we’d have to spend a lot less time chasing up other agents and we could be sure that the update we’re getting from them is 100% accurate. Ultimately it would save us all time and allow us to make better use of it.”

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