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mio gives new direction to William H Brown’s sales progression


Robert Anderson, Branch Manager at William H Brown in Leicester shares how sales progression and communication tool, mio, has created a more consistent approach to sales progression across his team, as well as made it easier for them to share information.

“Everyone used to do sales progression their own way. There was no consistency across the process.”

“Before mio, my team’s approach to sales progression involved ‘feeling about’ for information by picking up the phone to the other parties in the chain and asking for updates. We simply relied on staff training and experience, along with sales progression sheets. There were no prompts, and we only had some visibility of milestones when we were working with certain panel lawyers.”

“mio puts everyone on the same playing field and creates a clear path for sales progression activity.”

“mio has made a big difference. It’s all about direction. mio tells you what to do, without everyone having “to wing it”. It’s great as it also tells you the specifics of what to ask for next, so if you do need to pick up the phone to a solicitor, you don’t sound like an amateur asking for ‘any updates on property X’.

One of the best things about mio is that it has helped to put everyone in my team on the same playing field. Even with someone who has never done sales progression before, all the information they need is in one place – from a clear picture of the chain to solicitor details.

I also like that we have a clear view of our urgent tasks, as it helps us all to prioritise what’s truly urgent. It’s also rather satisfying to take your list down to zero and feel like you’re making real progress.”

“mio makes it so much easier to manage my team and update the Area Director”

“Before mio, everyone had their own folder of properties, so I would have to read through notes and have various conversations to build a picture of what was happening in my branch. Now I have all of this information to hand, I can jump straight in to give my team any guidance they need. It’s just convenient and has put me back in the driving seat.”

When the Area Director calls, it’s also easy for me to update him – just by looking at the dashboard. Whether he’s asking “how many properties are on for sale this month?” or “how many have been sold?”, the information is all there ready for me to answer. I love it. It’s a brilliant tool to use.”

“Even if you aren’t tech savvy, it’s self-explanatory and easy to get started.”

“It was also really easy to get started with mio. We were up and running 20 minutes after our first training session. Even if you aren’t tech savvy, it’s self-explanatory and very user-friendly.”

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