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mio frees up time for new business and improves after-sales care for William H Brown, Norfolk

We recently spoke to Richard Ling, Branch Partner at William H Brown, Holt, Norfolk about his experience using mio.

“We wanted to introduce mio to help us improve our after-sales care, look after our vendors and purchasers and save a bit of time. After-sales care was taking up a lot of sales time, so we wanted to get some of that time back.

Before mio, our processes were fairly old fashioned and involved us pulling each and every file out, turning to the notes, adding new notes and putting the file back in the drawer, so mio was a huge change for us.

When it first launched we were a bit hesitant about it, but after using it for a while we find it really easy to manage; my colleague Tom thinks it’s ‘absolutely fantastic’. It basically manages you with prompts to do things on particular days and it makes it so easy for one person to stay on top of a large pipeline.

With mio, when we get calls asking for updates we can instantly go to the property and give a client an update there and then. It means you don’t have to leave your desk, find the file and go through it – or have to go to a colleague’s desk to find it and have to tell the client you’re not able to give an update, and have to call them back later.

There’s never enough hours in the day to do everything and vendors and purchasers are always calling up for detailed updates, so it helps us having all the information at our fingertips in mio. You can see which clients have been updated and which ones you need to update which gives us more control over when we speak to the client. It means there are less incoming calls so we can manage our time better and focus on more sales activity.

Now we’re on mio, every client is getting regular updates. It’s enabled us to process transactions more regularly, including more recent sales, so we’re progressing the sales a little earlier, and faster than before.

mio also gives staff the flexibility to work from home with access to the software and of course it’s much more Covid-secure to access data online then lots of people picking up the same file….

I think mio is fantastic – I love it. I’m a technophobe and don’t really get on with computers but I think mio is a fantastic system. Something that maybe took 10 minutes before, like finding a file in the office and reading the update, is now so quick and easy.

To agents not on mio, I would say do they want to spend their time dealing with issues on the after-sales or do they want to sell more houses? mio frees up your time so you can spend it more productively getting more instructions and sales. I would definitely recommend it.”

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