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How Does It Work?

Move it on

mio makes sales progression simple with clearly-defined milestones, centralised communications and a view of the whole chain, so you can see exactly what needs to be done next to move it on and reduce your transaction times.

Not only does it save you time and stress, but the consumer app also enables your clients to keep track of progress in real time, helping them to feel relaxed and in control, contributing to fewer chain collapses and higher customer satisfaction rates.

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Mio features

Shared view of the chain

mio provides a shared view of the chain, enabling you to connect all parties so that everyone involved can see what’s happening at each stage, helping you to identify blockages and allocate resource to keep it moving.

Milestone updates

Milestone updates simplify the complexities of sales progression and provide a clear view of what’s coming up next in the process, making it easy for you to keep track of the sale.

Instant messaging

mio’s instant messaging feature saves you time on calls and writing emails and means clients can contact you at a time that’s convenient for them. Less time spent updating clients means more time for progressing the sale!

Push notifications

From within the platform you can push tasks and reminders to the consumer app, which encourages them to feel engaged at every stage preventing hold-ups along the way and helping to reduce transaction times.

Validated data feeds

Ensure accuracy and reduce manual effort with auto-populating validated data feeds. This makes it simple to connect all the dots, and keep it moving.
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Using the platform

  • Simple to set up and use; build your chain, connecting everyone involved in the transaction. This includes buyers, sellers, solicitor firms and financial advisers.
  • Update milestones within the platform and check off tasks when complete. This will automatically update within the award-winning mio consumer app, so clients can see progress as it happens
  • Push notifications, tasks and reminders to your clients through the consumer app to update them on progress and prompt them to act if you’re waiting for them for documentation or signatures
  • Send and reply to direct messages to your clients through the platform to provide updates and answer any queries they may have
  • Input information and call notes straight into the platform so they’re easily accessible
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