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Meet the mio team – Jinder Lall

This week we caught up with our new starter at mio, Jinder Lall. You can connect with Jinder on LinkedIn –

What is your role with mio?

Business Development Manager

What excited you about joining mio?

Although mio is part of a larger, longstanding company within the property industry (tmgroup), I was particularly excited about joining a fairly early-stage business. Being part of a project whilst in its infancy stages really allows you to significantly contribute to the development and growth of the project and joining a company that encourages all staff to think creatively, really excited me!

What are you currently looking forward to most about working in your new role?

Having purchased a property myself, I empathise and appreciate the struggles, pitfalls and frustrations that can arise throughout the sales progression process for all parties involved. Knowing that in my role I will be offering an industry needed solution, gives me the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that I’ll be making a difference to the livelihoods of countless individuals.

What were your previous job roles?

My job, right before starting at mio was my first role on returning from a year’s travel. I arrived back in England two days before the first lockdown. Finding work proved difficult. The only job I could initially find was work in a Glass Factory, which was physically demanding and humbling at the same time. It was a sobering reminder that things in life outside of our control can place us in positions we never saw coming.

Prior to my travels I worked for the property portal Rightmove. This was the first job within the property industry I had ever experienced, and it is fair to say I was hooked from day one! When I first began working for Rightmove I worked as an Account Manager dealing with Estate and Letting Agents in London. This is where the majority of my Rightmove career was spent. I also worked as an Account Manager within Rightmove, working with Commercial Agents, also in London.

What do you think will change in Estate Agency in the next 5 years?

The sector has changed drastically over the years and future changes are difficult to predict. Something that is clear, in my opinion, is technology frequently plays a significant role in the evolution of an industry.

I believe intuitive and automated software, like mio, will play a big part in the future of Estate Agency. With visibility comes accountability. This accountability brings with it a necessity to raise standards and improve the service levels experienced by home movers.

For the many agents already providing a great service, those who deploy mio will find themselves with more time to focus on winning new listings, moving deals through to exchange and providing an even better customer service.  If this results in a reduction in the time it takes to get from sale agreed to completion, this may mean these agents could be asking for greater fees – and rightly so!

I also see photography and videography quality and investment, within Estate Agency, enhancing over the next five years. With professional video editing software such as Final Cut Pro being available to those who choose to invest, and free lessons available online, on how to colour grade, edit and shoot high quality professional videos, more agents will employ their own professional inhouse photographers/videographers. Where higher value properties are concerned, I imagine all the stops being pulled out – the use of drones, high quality photography and videos overlayed with professional commentary to create something akin to a professional performance, rather than just a digital set of particulars.  

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy staying active and keeping fit. From boxing, running, cycling and hiking! I find being active meditative which is why I particularly enjoy taking part in solo sports and physical activities.

My family and friends are very important to me so much of my spare time is spent with them.

One of my greatest passions is travelling and experiencing cultures vastly different to those I am familiar with. There is a lot to be learnt from those who are considerably happier with significantly less.

You can connect with Jinder on LinkedIn –

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