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Make time to save time

“We think mio is great, but we just haven’t got time to start using it”

This is exactly what Rachel said to us, four months ago. Rachel is a Sales Negotiator in a really busy branch.  Her branch doesn’t have a dedicated sales progressor, so Rachel progress her sales, herself.  

Four months on and Rachel is using mio regularly; we asked her to explain how mio saves her time:  

  • Being able to attach notes to a specific milestone against a specific property and quickly find those notes saves me at least 15 minutes every day. I used to spend ages trying to find notes in Reapit.
  • It’s really hard to build the chain in Reapit. mio is so much easier to use. This saves me about 20 minutes on every sale and that adds up to around 2 hours a month.  
  • Quick access to my sales progression ‘to do’ list allows me to focus on sales progression for 30 minutes a day and then move onto something else. I’m far more efficient than I was, and I’ve used the extra time to focus on dealing with new enquiries which has helped me add another two sales to my pipeline, each month.   
  • Updating buyers and sellers via chat messaging – saves me at least an hour a week.  Before mio I was calling people and leaving endless voice mails, or I’d spend days waiting for a response to an email.  Some of my buyers and sellers respond instantly to chat messages where they might have taken two days to respond to a voicemail or email. 
  • Automated milestone updates – we don’t get loads of them but when we do get them, they can save a lot of time. I find the Mortgage Offer updates particularly useful as Mortgage Brokers can be really slow to provide updates as they are so busy dealing with new applications. 
  • With the mio dashboard rather than spending at least an hour a week updating my Manager on my pipeline he can see everything all in one screen, which saves us both time. 
  • Clear and simple information on my pipeline and next steps in mio means when I recently had some annual leave it was so much easier to handover.  Before mio, I’d have to spend a couple of hours doing a handover to a colleague now it only takes about 30 minutes.

So, why not be like Rachel and make time for mio?

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