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How to reduce your fall through rates and improve your customer experience with mio


According to the Property Ombudsman’s annual report for 2018, the most common area of complaint by customers about estate agents is poor communication. It is therefore unsurprising that this is also among the most common reasons why homemovers pull out of transactions, and don’t end up selling with their first estate agent.

How is it that with all the technology we have at our disposal, we’re still unable to communicate effectively with our customers?

The home buying process can be incredibly daunting and filled with stress and uncertainty, especially for those navigating it for the first time. The relationship between customer and estate agent can be a fraught one, with customers sometimes feeling a sense of mistrust and frustration towards you as their agent, perhaps without fully understanding the complexities of effective sales progression. 

So, how do you improve your customer relationships, build all-important trust with your clients and minimise the risk of the sale falling through?

We’ve created mio, a communication tool that makes the process transparent and connects everyone in the chain enabling you (and your homemovers) to see the big picture and all the little bits in-between. With mio, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Greater transparency 

mio helps to improve transparency for everyone in the chain, agents, conveyancers, surveyors, lenders, and most importantly, the homemover, who can have full visibility of the chain with the mio app. 

The platform enables you to see the whole picture and identify potential blockages in the chain so you can tackle them early on and keep everything moving for your homemover. It allows you to keep track of exactly what’s happening and see when a task has been completed, removing the stress and anxiety around ‘what/who are we waiting for’. Homemovers can access the app at any time and track updates as they happen, helping them to feel relaxed, confident and in control. 

Improved communications

mio empowers you to build positive and meaningful relationships with your customers through the in-app messaging feature. Instead of numerous phone calls, voicemails and emails back and forth, you can communicate directly with your customer through the mio app. 

According to recent research, 49% of 18-34 age group would like daily notifications to their smartphone. Although the average age of the first-time buyer is early to mid-thirties, it’s still important to consider the new generation of movers who have different expectations. With mio, you can meet this need by delivering quick and clear updates to your homemover at every stage of the process. You can rest assured that your messages are safely delivered and read, and your homemover can stay up to date whilst getting on with their day. 

mio user Michelle Hallas, Residential Sales Manager at Allen and Harris said:

“The app is also great for staying in touch with our clients. Not only can they keep an eye on progress updates with a shared view of the property status, but they can message directly through it. One of my current homemovers even prefers instant messaging to phone calls, as she finds it quicker and easier to get a response – instead of trying to get through to me on my busy line”.

Improved reputation

As you know, protecting the brand you’ve worked hard to build is essential for generating word of mouth recommendations, winning referrals and repeat business. However, with the ever-increasing competitiveness of the market, we understand that this can be easier said than done. So, how can mio help?

With an integrated customer app, mio manages clients’ expectations around progress and time frames, which helps to alleviate pressure on you as their agent and prevent panic from their side. The outcome is more relaxed and satisfied customers, who feel looked after and confident about their move. 

Digital property chains and data feeds from conveyancers, lenders and surveyors minimise human error, empowering you and your team to have more accurate and informed conversations at every stage. Having a single view of the truth, shared across the chain means that your customer can receive the same high quality and well-informed updates consistently from any member of staff at any branch. The result? Increased client satisfaction and improved overall efficiency. 

Unquestionably, building greater visibility for your homemover and providing clear communications throughout the process helps to build trust, which is essential during what is generally considered to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. With complaints at an all-time high, establishing positive relationships and trust with your clients has never been more important for differentiating your branch, building your reputation and putting your business on the map.

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