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How are customers’ expectations around technology transforming the property market?

Customer expectations around technology have been developing rapidly across all industries, and show no signs of slowing down. Most of us are glued to our phones from the moment we wake up to the minute we fall asleep, but interestingly it’s not necessarily consumers that are driving change – its other industries. Companies such as Uber, Monzo and Apple have modified consumer behaviour, creating an insatiable need for immediacy and instant gratification.

It has become so easy for us to use our smartphones for everyday activities such as booking taxis, banking and ordering food that for many of us our smartphones have become our personal management system. And this isn’t just the younger generation: A recent report conducted by Deloitte found that a staggering 71% of 55-to-75 year olds now own a smartphone.

Inevitably, it’s only a matter of time before customers begin to ask why they can’t do the same with the home buying process.

So, how do you meet your customers’ growing expectations around technology and provide an enhanced user experience?

Instant Messaging

In an industry where building trust with your clients is so important, providing regular and assured updates in a way that suits your customer is a key market differentiator. 

Instant messaging is becoming the preferred method of communication for many, both in and outside of work. With increasingly busy lives, it’s often easier to Whatsapp than pick up the phone or send an email. 

Traditionally, as agents we have used telephone calls as a primary means of contact, but with so many customers reluctant or unable to take calls on their mobile, how do we adapt?

With mio, you can update your customers in an easy, direct and undisruptive way with instant messaging through the app. mio automatically sends notifications when mio milestones have been updated which helps to keep your customers informed and saves both of you time. 

Greater Transparency

In today’s world, we’re used to having all the answers at our fingertips. If we want to know something, we can google it and find out in less than a minute. Compare this to the lengthy process of updating your clients with multiple calls and long email chains, and you can understand customer frustrations. How do we give customers easy access to the information they need? 

With the mio app, customers have a completely transparent view of the chain in just a couple of taps, providing a clearer and more convenient user experience. They can see which milestones have been completed and learn what’s still outstanding without having to make a single call, and fewer client calls means you have time for what’s really important to both you and them – progressing their sale. 

Tracking progress

Nowadays everything from parcels and taxis to food deliveries and takeaways are tracked; we can even monitor exactly how many steps we take in a day. Live updating progress feeds improve efficiency and help us feel in control. 

For something as complicated and stressful as the homebuying process, being able to track progress is key for client satisfaction and reducing fall-through rates. For estate agents, this means providing tangible updates so the customer knows exactly where they stand, and what the next step is on their home buying journey. 

Crucially, the mio app facilitates clearer communication between agent and buyer. Customers can see exactly what’s happening and track progress straight from their smartphone. Within the app they can see all the milestones that have been completed and what’s up next, building a clear picture of the next steps. 

Go paperless

For many, paper is now a thing of the past. Most people have switched to online banking, have their receipts emailed to them, and get their train tickets through an app. In most industries, businesses are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, with cloud storage instead of filing cabinets and productivity apps instead of handwritten to-do lists. Technology enables us to be more agile, flexible and mobile. 

In many ways, the technology revolution is still yet to come for many estate agents, who still rely heavily on paper and handwritten notes. mio brings estate agency into the 21st century for both the agent and the customer. The mio platform provides a user-intuitive interface where agents can connect the whole chain digitally and log progress across multiple branches, whilst the mio app connects agent and client, creating an enhanced user experience and improved customer satisfaction. 

With mio, you can give your business a competitive edge and be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. The thought leaders of today are tomorrow’s market leaders!

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