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Developing good relationships with local Conveyancers

Unfortunately, property sales and purchases are very complex.  It takes more than a brilliant agent or a really driven buyer to get a sale through to completion. 

There are multiple businesses involved in property transactions from Surveyors through to removal firms.  However, the Agent and the Conveyancer are always involved from start to finish so a good working relationship between the two can make a positive difference to transaction times and fall through rates.

So, how can you, as a Sales Progressor develop a good working relationship with the conveyancing firms in your area?

Start by developing your understanding of what conveyancers do and why they have to do it.  The mio guide to a property transaction, which is written specifically for Estate Agents, will help you develop your knowledge and it will help you explain the process to Buyers and Sellers.  

It’s important to appreciate that there are lots of tasks that Conveyancers are required to complete for legal and regulatory purposes.  They can’t cut corners to suit you or a Buyer or Seller and the consequences of a Conveyancer failing to follow procedure or getting something wrong are very serious, which is why Conveyancers take risk management extremely seriously.

Armed with a better understanding of the conveyancing process you should feel more confident about the questions you ask and when you need to ask them.

If you have the opportunity, try and develop a close relationship with a couple of Conveyancers so you can get an in-depth understanding of the way they work.  Start by identifying the firms you need to have a relationship with, you will know the local Conveyancers that you deal with on a regular basis, so they are a good place to start.  Don’t be too ambitious to start with, just pick one or two firms and focus on developing a relationship with the conveyancers you already have a rapport with.

Suggest a short virtual meeting or even a coffee and explain that you’d like to understand their role so that you can work effectively together and collectively offer home Buyers and Sellers an even better service. Prepare a few questions that you’d like to ask before the meeting and send them over to the Conveyancer, so they know what to expect.

On a day to day basis, it’s important for both Conveyancer and Agent to work together to make your jobs as simple as possible for example:

  • Make sure the Conveyancer is aware of any time pressures or unique circumstances from the beginning. Its better if everyone has a clear understanding of the transaction at the beginning of the process.
  • Ensure any queries you send are clear and concise, so the Conveyancers knows exactly what you’re asking for to avoid any additional back and forth.
  • Don’t just forward on emails from a Buyer or Seller. If you understand the query try to respond, if not highlight the Buyer or Sellers queries clearly, for the Conveyancer, so they know exactly what is being asked. Remember your Buyer or Seller may not understand what they are asking themselves!  
  • Don’t give Buyers and Sellers unrealistic expectations about how long the process will take.  This will only lead to unnecessary pressure on you and the Conveyancer. Speak to the Conveyancer to understand the timings at the beginning, the lead times on searches can change weekly so it’s important to know what they currently are.
  • Understand how the Conveyancers wants to be communicated with – email or phone; one email with questions on for different transactions or an individual email for each property.

Remember we all need to work together to make property sales and purchases happen and that will be far easier to do, well, if you have a good working relationship with the Conveyancers in your area.

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