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Congratulate PM Property Lawyers in Sheffield as the latest law firm to partner with mio

mio are delighted to announce their latest data partner as PM Property Lawyers implement the mio API for smarter, more productive property conveyancing with fewer disruptions.

mio is the first of its kind to provide an API specifically designed to help Conveyancers work more collaboratively and efficiently. Its simple API allows updates from the Conveyancer’s case management system to update mio in real time, so everyone involved in the chain has visibility over updates.

In return, PM Property Lawyers now have the added benefit of accessing the chain view on properties they are conveyancing, providing a valuable layer of information across the transaction helping them manage their legal work more certainty.

Jon Horton, Product Director of mio says: “We’re delighted to welcome Harvey & the team at PM Property Lawyers as a mio data partner. This has not been an arduous IT project but more of a quick win recognised by Harvey as a way to improve the home moving process for both his customers and his introducers. Agents using mio who introduce work to PM Property Lawyers can save time by seeing updates shared in mio and pushed through to the mio consumer app. It demonstrates how collaboration & an open mind can help everyone across a chain”.

Harvey Harding, Managing Partner of PM Property Lawyers comments: “We are extremely pleased to integrate the mio API into our business. Not only will it help us to communicate more efficiently with agents, but it’ll also provide our clients with greater transparency. Less calls back and forth will help us save time, meaning we can work faster and get sales moving along quickly. We see the adoption of new technology as crucial in the move towards a more collaborative, integrated and forward-thinking property market, so we are excited to be working with mio on this.”

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